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Meditation on the souls in Purgatory

The souls in Purgatory are sometimes called “the forgotten souls”. In this meditation we pray about how we can help them and how they help us. We will consider:

  • The Church’s teaching on Purgatory
  • Why there is a Purgatory
  • How Purgatory is a manifestation of God’s sanctity, justice and mercy
  • The two principal pains of Purgatory
  • The happiness of the souls in Purgatory
  • Apparitions on earth of souls in Purgatory
  • How we can help the holy souls
  • How the holy souls can help us
  • What we can do to avoid or at least shorten our Purgatory

Meditation on the Communion of the Saints

Pope Francis, in his Wednesday audience on 30 October 2013, called the Communion of the Saints one of the most consoling truths of our faith. In this meditation we consider how we are strengthened by the union of all in the Church – the saints in heaven, the suffering in Purgatory and those on earth – and how we have a responsibility to contribute to this marvelous reality.