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Tempted like Christ

Temptations of Christ

Christ tempted in the desert



We all experience temptations. They are a consequence of original sin and of our being subject to the world, the flesh and the devil. But in addition to being sources of sin, temptations can also be sources of sanctity. In this meditation we consider:

  • Christ’s temptations in the desert, which are very similar to our own
  • Christ’s example in overcoming the temptations
  • How we can use temptations to grow in sanctity and human virtues
  • What we can do to overcome temptations

Lent in the Year of Mercy


Now that we are in Lent in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, we pray in this meditation about how to live Lent well so as to derive the maximum benefit from this great season of grace.  We will consider:

  • the importance of Lent
  • the meaning of Lent and especially how we might live the three main areas of
  • Prayer
  • Fasting
  • Almsgiving

Meditations are now on iTunes

After much time and the effort of a friend, I am happy to report that all the meditations on my blog have been accepted and are now available on iTunes.

In order to access and download them onto your device, you first need to download iTunes from the iTunes site. Then you can put John Flader into your search and over 50 meditations will appear, to be downloaded as you wish.

I wish you a happy (truly) and fruitful Lent.