Monthly Archives: February 2015

God in the family


We all want to have a happy, united family but it is not always easy to make our desires a reality. In this meditation we consider the importance of the family for society and some practical ways of strengthening family life, following words of advice from Pope Francis. We will consider:

  • the importance of the family for society
  • how husband and wife can strengthen their relationship
  • the importance of welcoming Christ into the home
  • generosity in bringing children into the world
  • how children are a gift from God
  • the importance of teaching children to honour and respect their parents and each other

Meditation on friendship with Christ

God so loved the world that he sent his only-begotten Son to dwell among us and die on the cross to redeem us. Jesus invites his disciples, and all of us, to be his friends. In this meditation we consider how we can do this, so that we in turn can bring Christ into the lives of those around us.