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St Joseph’s docility to the will of God

St Joseph's Dream

One of St Joseph’s remarkable qualities was his docility to the will of God. In this meditation we consider:

  • How St Joseph responded to God’s will in various moments
  • Comments of Pope Francis, St Josemaria Escriva and St John Chrysostom on St Joseph’s docility
  • How we come to know the will of God in our own life
  • How our docility, like that of St Joseph, should be prompt, complete, responsible, free and loving

Meditation on spiritual struggle

We all want to be happy, not only here on earth but especially in heaven. And we want to have a positive influence on others, especially those closest to us. In order to achieve this we must struggle to draw ever closer to God, to grow in holiness. In this meditation we consider the importance of our spiritual struggle and how to go about it.