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Beginning a new year

At the beginning of another year, we use texts of Scripture and St Josemaria Escriva to pray about what our goals and resolutions might be, especially that most important goal of growing in holiness so as to deserve eternal life with God in heaven. We consider:

  • The very reason for our existence is to know, love and serve God on earth in order to be happy with him forever in heaven
  • We should make good use of every moment of the day since we don’t know how long God has given us on this earth
  • Many souls depend on the life of each of us
  • Holiness is a struggle, a battle, against the world, the flesh and the devil
  • We should have the determination of athletes, who discipline themselves and train hard to win a crown that fades, whereas ours is imperishable: eternal life.

Meditation “The treasure of time”

We have only one life to live and we must not waste it. It is important to make good use of the time God has given us so that we achieve what he is asking of us and we store up a great treasure in heaven. In this meditation we consider:

  • Jesus’ own example of being always on the move
  • The importance of using our time well
  • Thoughts of St Josemaria in his homily “Time is a Treasure”
  • Some dangers to avoid
  • Tips for making better use of our time